کود 5 Ortofer:185Fe is an EDDHA-chelatedwith 5.2% of orto-ortoisomer. There by is extremely effective in the treatment of iron chlorosis produced by iron assimilation failure.


  • Usable in different kind of water especially in alkaline and calciferous soil (pH 8.5-9)
  • Protected from leaching after raining.
  • Treatment of Iron deficiency in citrus, peach, apple, pear, cherry, grape tree.
  • pH = 3-10


Root application Doses (gr/plant)
Crops seedling Start of  production During Production In full production
Citrus 7-15 15-30 30-60 75-200
Apricot & Plum tree 5 5-10 15-30 30-50
Peach, apple, pear, cherry and loquat tree 5-10 20-50 50-100
Banana tree, vines and small shrubs 3-7 7-15
Avocado, mango trees, vineyards 5-10 10-20
Strawberry 5-7 Kg/ha
Horticulture products, ornamental herbaceous plant 0.5-10 gr/m2 and spraying the complete surface 100-300 gram/100 liters of water and spending in horticulture with short cycle of 5-10 kg/ha and one with long cycle 10-20 kg/ha
Flowering and nursery plants Once a week with a solution of 5 grams per each 100 liters of water
Lawns 0.5-1 kg/ha, every 4-5 weeks